Palm Harbor, FL USA

About Us

Funding Research. Finding Hope.

The Andersons started the A.J. Anderson Foundation after their son, Drew, was diagnosed with Tay-Sachs disease.

At this stage there is no cure for Tay-Sachs, but there is treatment which is mostly supportive and directed to providing adequate nutrition and hydration, managing infectious disease, protecting the airway, and controlling seizures. Unfortunately most of this including medical devices, aren’t covered by insurance. There are several studies and clinical trials that are on the brink of FDA approval. With everyone’s positive thoughts, prayers and love, we hope one of these can help Drew.

Thankfully, Brianne and Adam have a strong support system of family, friends and a whole network of people who want to love and help in any way they can. Drew is a special little man, and he deserves every little thing we can give him. He will need special equipment to assist with feeding, mobility, sleeping, breathing and bathing. In addition, he will also require medications and the help of highly-qualified specialized physicians. Also, Brianne and Adam are currently working on a water therapy structure for Drew at their home, a treatment which he LOVES and does amazingly with.

Our goal with the foundation is to lighten the heavy financial strain on the family to allow them to prioritize time with Drew and the girls.

We encourage you to share their story, and urge others to follow your lead in supporting the Andersons through this difficult time.

Your support can make it just a little bit easier on them all. Any donation is appreciated more than you can imagine.

Please keep Drew and his family in your prayers and surround them with continued love and strength.